October 14, 2017
National Chess Day!
Let's Play Chess!
4ss, G 60, d/5.  Site: The Connection Tutoring Center,  4726 Poplar Ave #7, Memphis, TN 38117.  Prizes based on 30 paid entries: $150, 100, 75, 50, 25.  Class prizes: B,C, D/E $50 each.  EF:  $25 by Oct 07, $35 late.  MCC members $25 anytime. Masters: free (EF deducted from winnings). Rds start at 10am and other ASAP. Registration starts at 8am.  Send mail entries to: MCC, P.O. Box 17864, Memphis TN 38187.  Use PayPal to join up to registration on Saturday with early reduced Entry Fee!
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