July 26, 2017
More Incremental Time Fun!

Site: Holiday Deli & Ham (Poplar at 585 Erin Drive Memphis, TN 38117). See Mapquest map below for more details.

Open: 5SS, G/3;inc/2 (5 round Swiss pairing system with game in 3 minutes with 2 second increment or Fischer Mode).

Entry Fee: Open: $5 for MCC members; $10 for all others.  This event is USCF Blitz Rated. 

Prizes: 1st - 50% of Entry Fees Collected.

Registration begins at 6:30pm.  Round one starts at 7pm sharp.

Please, bring chess clocks, sets, and boards.  Thanks!
To:585 Erin Drive
Memphis, TN
Number and Street:
email me